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Lynn Hoyland is an American contemporary representational artist living in Phoenix Arizona, and is known for both her heavy textured paintings and her intense charcoal drawings. Lynn’s inspiration for art came at an early age, from her uncle who was a painter. In college, she found her love for drawing, and more recently her love for the palette knife and heavy texture.

Lynn’s work, a combination of heavy textured paintings, and emotive figurative charcoals has been inspired by her love for drawing, and her love for interior design, architecture, and color. Her charcoal drawings have a strong African influence, and have been driven by a deep desire to understand this culture. Her textured paintings, which are created with a palette knife, heavy medium and metallic acrylics are an attempt to bring form, texture and movement onto canvas.

She describes her work as the best of both worlds, working with the palette knife, creating sculptures on canvas, and her love for drawing. Two drawings have received recognition as Showcase Winners in a 2013 art competition.


Earlier work ~ Lynn Hoyland ~


Please let me know if I can be of service to you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me. My primary goal is for you to love your painting as much as I loved creating it…


Lynn Hoyland

If you wish to contact me   602-421-6873

I am currently represented by {9}The Gallery, who can answer any questions you might have about purchasing my art www.9thegallery.com  

Email:  lynnhoyland1111@yahoo.com


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