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Here are a few examples of my uncle’s work. He passed away in 2005. He was an abstract artist with exceptional skill. Ive posted a few of his greeting cards that he would send family members every holiday. Throughout my life, I would receive these amazing little pieces of art in the mail. I thought I would give a tribute to him, since he really is the one that has inspired me, by the amazing art he created and I grew up with.

I plan to post more of his work, and interchange the greeting cards so you can enjoy them as much as I have!

Other Contemporary art pieces by Lynn Hoyland

Abstract by Lynn Hoyland 40×30


This Contemporary Wall Art is an entirely new concept that I have created. This painting is 8 ft x 8 ft and the wall itself is 11 ft x 11 ft.


“Silver Moonlight” Wall Art ©

Currently, the colors and patterns available are:

If you wish to contact me

Phone:  602-421-6873


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